Today has been a very productive day! I was awaken by Livy this morning at 6:30am which is normally early for even her but she was banging on her door letting me know she had to pee-pee. I was so happy for her in letting me know this so I got up, went into her room and well I let her hop up onto her big girl potty and go. She went too! Yeah! Go Livy! Then I let her go back into her room and lay back down for a little bit while I went and took my shower. It was nice not having to worry about her in the living room and coloring all over the T.V. She went back into her room and I could hear her talking to all of her friends and reading a book. She loves to read too!

I took her to daycare and she wore her “kini” because today was Splash and Play day at daycare. I had to put on her sunscreen before we left the house and even now my hands still smell of sunscreen. But I would rather have my hands smell like it than to not have Livy have any on. The sun was really hot today and well it’s just not safe to have a toddler not have any sunscreen on at all. They could burn and also it could cause for problems later on in their lives. At work it was pretty calm compared to earlier this week. I am so glad to have some candidates that have interviews and all that. I have a feeling that some of my candidates will be placed soon!

Tonight I came home and made dinner. We had baked chicken, corn and applesauce. Livy’s chicken was plain for she has to dip everything in Ketchup and my chicken had Old Bay Seasoning on it. Mmmm…It was so tasty. I had plenty of leftovers and now we can have it for lunch or I might even make some homemade chicken salad tomorrow. I’ll have to make up my mind in the morning about that. Livy loves Chicken Salad Sandwich’s and also chicken salad on crackers. mmm…it sounds so good right now but I am still so full from dinner. For dessert we really didn’t have anything because we were so full. Last night I made dinner as well. Wow!! A record breaking of 2 dinners at home. Last night was Nathan’s Hotdogs, Fresh Corn on the Cob and Applesauce. Livy loves applesauce! Can you tell? Tomorrow night I might have the courage to make maybe porkchops…just depends on the mood I’m in.

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