Yesterday was quite a good day. It was slow in the office which was ok because I needed a break. Plus I had a candidate who had an interview with the Area Director of a Great Company. I have a good feeling about him and that I will place him! Yeah! Well I have another candidate who has an interview today and know she will have probably 2 offers coming in and the candidate that had the interview yesterday has an interview this afternoon with another company! Geez…I am working my butt off! I’m not going to complain about that at all. I need to shed a few pounds.

Last night I went to Texas Steakhouse with my Mary Kay Unit and we had our Awards Night there. We all had a blast there and I was told not to look back but to look in the future. I Will become successful in this business because I have such a niche for people and helping them out. I also get on the guestbook a lot and help encourage people. I love helping people and this is what I am really good at. I got the Chicken Tenders for dinner with coleslaw and could have gotten a dessert but I was so stuffed that I didn’t. I brought home at least 6 home and Terry ate a couple and I also brought some to work with me for lunch. Mmmm..Chicken! I love Chicken too!

Today I have a Facial scheduled at 7:30pm and I can not wait either. I have a good feeling about this and also have a good feeling about my business all together. I want to be a Sales Director in the next year or two, so I am going to have to get out there and work it! I also have at least one guest coming to The Bahama Mama Night at the Training Center tomorrow night. I have left several Messages for some of my other friends so I am really excited about this. I got an email from one of my friends that I used to work for at Centura with and she said that she could get together a couple of people for me. Maybe this could turn into a Skin Care Class for me and do good things. This year I am going to be more self worthy of my surroundings and not think bad about my business. We all have our downfalls and I am the worst about putting myself down.

Anyways, Here is a couple pictures of Livy who is my Glamour Girl Now. She is my little inspiration for keeping my Mary Kay Business going and also to help out with putting Make-up On.

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