What a Beautiful Morning it has been so far today. Today I dropped Livy off at daycare and she was so afriad that the new teacher was in her class but luckily she wasn’t. I am so happy that she wasn’t either. I don’t think that she could deal with her today. She woke up in kinda of a happy yet get in trouble mood. She got up, brushed her teeth, we tried to use the potty but no luck and then got dressed. She looked so cute in her outfit today. I should have taken a picture but the batteries in the camera were just about dead. I need to charge them up tonight!

Yesterday was a Really Good Day! I picked up 2 new candidates and one has already had a phone interview and has a face to face interview with an Area Director of a company today at 3:00pm. I am so excited for him too. Who knows this one might be a quickie for me and getting him placed. You never know these days? Well I have a really good feeling for them both though! I also have another candidate who has her 2nd interview tomorrow with another great company! I am on the roll now!

I have also been challenged by Mary Kay the company, to do 15 faces by the 15th. I think its an awsome thing to do too. I already have one facial booked for tomorrow night and one for thursday night for the Bahama Mama Night! I am super excited about both and I have left several messages for some other people too. I am hoping they call back today so I can get booked.

Here is a picture of Livy from the other day. she is my little helper in cleaning!

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