Good Afternoon! Today has been a pretty ok day. This morning I got up early and took a nice long shower. I really enjoyed getting ready for the day and I have to thank Terry when he gets home tonight from work. He was supposed to be off today and tomorrow but he has Radar Re-Cert on Monday and Tuesday in Wilson and well he had to work instead. I’m glad that he will be home Monday and Tuesday night. I might have him to baby-sit Livy while I go to Texas Steakhouse with my Mary Kay group. It’s going to be our awards day and I really want to go even if it means me eating an Appetizer and drinking Water. Mmmm…I could really go for some Cheese Fries right now. Oh well, I’ll cook dinner in a little bit. I was going to have Mom and Dad over here for dinner but unfortunately I just don’t feel like it. I’m sitting here listening to Olivia singing the Barney song. She is so sweet when she sings it.

Today while I was in Rocky Mount doing the Advance Glamour Clinic, Mom took Livy to Ihop for Breakfast and then they ventured off to Walmart. We all will be so happy when the Sams Club opens in Rocky Mount so that we won’t have to travel to Greenville, Raleigh or Goldsboro to go to one. Terry and I belong to there because of course we like to get the dogs food from there and lots of other things. I became so spoiled with having everything there in Columbia that it seems like we have to drive forever to get to places. But that’s the life of living in the country. I sometimes am jealous of some of my friends who have everything around them but I also consider myself so lucky to live close to my friends and family. I would love to travel up to Maryland soon and take Livy to the National Zoo and also to take her Baltimore’s Aquarium. That will have to be planned soon.

Tonight I am making Spaghetti with Super Primavera Veggie sauce and then I am going to also cook some Garlic bread & Plain Butter Bread for Olivia. I am also going to have maybe some corn and also some fruit. It’s going to be a nice meal without any meat. I love meat but sometimes I love to have meals that are just made up of veggies too. We might have some crystal light or water. Mmm…sounds so delicious!!

I took a couple pictures of the Living Room since it was such a nice day today. I hope you all enjoy them. Have a great day everyone!!

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