Wow, yesterday was quite a day. I woke up around 6:30am and went in to check on Livy since she didn’t feel good the other day and also she woke up with her shirt drenched in sweat. She had another fever, uggh. I was hoping that she wouldn’t but she did and of course she still sounded awful so I kept her home from daycare again. I started to work around 7:30am and had checked my emails, and also all the job posting sites looking for new candidates. I didn’t find any but I still did everything. I then got Livy back up and let her stay up for the most part of the day. She was having bad diarhea and well her tummy was a little upset. I cleaned up the rest of the house that everyone could see and well…it looks pretty good to me. I’ll have to take a picture of it in the morning or tomorrow. The only thing that I have to do when I get home tonight is to work on the dining room and dust and revacum the house. I love my vacum cleaner because it lets you know when the floor is clean by giving you a green light. I love technology these days. I also ran to the dump to throw all of the crap away we had in the house. Yeah! Go Me.

Livy used the potty several times today and I am so super proud of her. She is becoming more and more confident of using it on her own. She also helped out with the cleaning as well yesterday. She did her share in making the mess and she also threw away her last bottle we had in the house. She hasn’t been on a bottle since she was around 9 months old but she was clapping because she is no longer a baby. I also put her little shopping cart that her Aunt Liz gave her from Lowes Food and put her toys in it for the living room. I love how we can all sit in the living room and have a good time and not have to go into the bedroom to really watch T.V. Plus we can watch movies that we haven’t watched in a while. I am so happy that we have a clean house now and I feel better about myself too.

Well today I got up late because I hurt so bad from cleaning and it was nice to take a nice relaxing shower this morning. I got Livy up and sent her to daycare today. She was running around last night like she felt better and was doing the same thing today. She really needed to get out of the house plus I wanted to ask her daycare teachers to the Advance Glamour Clinic tomorrow morning at 10am to 12pm at the Training Center. This time I am getting her cell phone number since she has Alltel it’s free for both of us to call and also want to get her to the clinic. I am really excited too. Plus it will give me an excuse to go to Goodwill to donate a bunch of clothes that Livy can no longer wear. I know that right now there is no point in keeping the clothes because I will have to have surgery (to have my tubes unclamped) before we have another one. I have asked Mom is she can watch her for me so that I can go to the advance glam clinic. She might come to my house which is fine with me. I’m not embarrased to have any friends or family in the house anymore.

Here I am at work supposed to be working but just don’t have the feeling of working. It’s such a pretty day out and I wish that I was at home cleaning the dining room and finishing up. The sun is shining, it’s not too hot out around 85 degrees and the wind is blowing gently. Ahh, just what I like. It’s a perfect day to cut the grass and do yard work. I better get to work. I’ll check in later on:)

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