Well it’s been a while since I have had time to update this but we have been busy. Lets see, Friday Olivia and I just took it easy and I worked hard too. Also I took off Friday afternoon to spend time with my sister Elizabeth. We went to Walmart and then over to Melody’s house to pick up a Satin Lips Mask. She really wanted this and since she is working at Wilson Med she could afford this. She said “Thumbs up to this!”

Saturday we did nothing really again. Terry had to work from 7pm to 7am all weekend and I hate when he does this because we don’t get to spend much time. I blew up Livy’s pool from Walmart and she had a blast with that in her “kini.” On Sunday we went to Terry’s parents house for lunch in Tarboro and then went to Jim & Shelley’s house after lunch to go swimming in their pool. Livy loves to swim and I do too. I really wish we had a pool that we could go to or have it in our backyard because I love to SWIM!!! I really do miss living in Columbia because of all the access we had to the Pools. I remember riding our bikes to Locust Park Pool and to Long Reach’s Pool. Ugghh, That’s the life of Living in the country. Oh well, one day we’ll have one of our own. Who knows when but I told Terry that’s one thing I would like to have.

On Monday we were supposed to clean when I got home but instead we went into Rocky Mount and really did nothing. We ate at Peking Palace (chinese food) and Livy ate a pretty good dinner for once. She had some rice, some noodles and chicken. Then for dessert she had some ice cream and some watermelon.Yesterday was the 4th of July and we didn’t clean at all. Oh well I did some today since Livy was sick. Well last night we went to Tarboro to Jim & Shelley’s 4th of July Pool Party. We also watched the fireworks that lasted at least 30 mins. I am so happy that we got to watch them. Plus another big thing happened!!! Livy Peed in the potty and was so happy. She made it without having an accident so that means she gets somehing special.

Today I haven’t done much because Olivia was home sick. She still sounds awful!!! I think she might have croup which isn’t good at all. Ok well let me go for now. She is deciding she wants to play with computer. I’ve posted some pictures from a couple days ago. Have a great day!

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