Well today has turned into quite an eventful day. I woke up late which didn’t surprise me at all. It was raining and the sound of the rain just made everything seem ok to sleep in. I know I know not a good excuse. Well then I got Livy dressed and of course got me ready for the day, make-up and all and then took her to daycare. She was a little attached to me from the weekend so I stayed a few minutes until she got comfortable to go play with her friends. Plus it was almost time to eat breakfast although she already had a little snack on the way there. (some of mommy’s pop-tart) Anyways, I got to work and everything went pretty good. Just a little slow today and not having the satellite internet working wasn’t helpful either. We have been using dial-up since Friday and boy have we been spoiled off the satellite. I guess I shouldn’t complain because dial-up is all we have at the house anyways.

Well today I didn’t get any new candidates but that will make me work harder tomorrow instead. I am going to be persistant and not give up on anyone. Tonight we are staying at mom & dad’s house because they are in Mrytle Beach and well we have to take care of the animals. Plus it’s nothing like trying to take care of Zeus at home who is extremely hyper (he’s still a puppy though). Well Hershey is almost 10 years old and we have Wimpie who dad’s cat and he’s always hungry. He’s 2 as well. My does time fly when you have a family!!

I was thinking of cooking spaghetti tonight but then Livy asked if we could have pizza and well I just gave in and ordered Domino’s. This week was going to be week to start eating healthier but like that really happened. Plus I was going to cheat next tuesday while we are probably at my Brother in Law’s house. Every 4th of the July they have a cookout and pool party at their house so that’s probably where we’ll be. Plus we get to watch the fireworks from his driveway which is so much better than having to drive to Rocky Mount and watching them from the highway. We did that one year and still didn’t get to see the good one’s because of all the trees off of 64. Oh well, we saw them last year and Livy wasn’t scared of them so we’ll do it again this year. One year I would love to take Livy to either Washington D.C. to watch the fireworks or to the Inner Harbor. I have seen them many of times at each one and have enjoyed them both and I would love to share them there with my family now.

Well it’s time for me to head to bed. Livy has probably been down for 30 minutes. She kept throwing a temper tantrum because she wanted to play with her toys. She kept saying “me, me lone!” It’s so cute they way that they try to say the words like Leave me alone. I wish she would have never picked that up but it’s a cute saying and she’s not going to hurt my feelings if she doesn’t want me round at that particular time. Ok now I’m really heading to bed. Everyone have a great night!

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