Good Morning on this Beautiful Sunday Morning. The Sun is Shining and I’m sure it’s already warm & muggy out but what a great day it is. I woke up initially because Terry’s Alarm clock was ringing and it was super annoying but now I’m fully awake. Well yesterday at the Advance Glamour Clinic, no one came as for my guests but I still had a great time. I learned alot and now I feel comfortable in doing facials:) Well today I’m going to my inlaws house in Tarboro for Lunch and then heading to mom and dad’s for the next couple of days. Mom and Dad are going to Mrytle Beach for the week, and I’m taking care of Hershey. 🙂

Well I’m also getting ready to place an order with Mary Kay so anyone who needs anything please let me know. Thanks!! Well let me go get going and try to get Livy dressed and me dressed so that we may head to Tarboro. I’ll write more when I get a chance to this eveing. Have a great Sunday!!!

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