Today has been quite busy for me. I have found a new candidate and also have 2 candidates who both have interviews next week. Yeah for me!! Hopefully that means some placements and we know what that means more $$$$!!! Anyways, right now it’s storming outside and well it’s just a nasty day out. We kind of need the rain but not really since we had all the rain last week and Nashville flooded so we don’t in a way. We need the rain for the crops around us and all the farmers and people who have gardens.

Yesterday turned into being a good day. I was kind of overwhelmed with work but that’s life for ya. Tomorrow we are having a Advance Glamour Clinic at our new training center for MK and I already have 2 guests coming and possibly 2 more. I am very excited about it too. I so need the business and I am also having a webshow today as well. I am trying to earn $$ to pay bills with and I have been working hard to make placements too. I am really hoping that tomorrow my girl gets an offer so that I can say it’s another placement. 🙂 Ok I’m off the subject again. Anyways, if you are interested in hearing more about Mary Kay and the opportunity please let me know about it and I will get you some information about it. I do have to say that getting your beauty products for 1/2 off is a great thing. I don’t have much money to spend on makeup and so every little bit helps out. Plus sharing the opportunity with others who have never tried MK will be very pleased with the makeup. Ok so I’m still here at work..and I need to get offline right now. We’re still in the storm and well I shouldn’t even be on the net. BTW…I hope everyone has a great friday!!!

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