I tried to post my last post last night but the internet was acting really funny so I posted it a couple minutes ago. Anywho, today has been going ok. It started off with Terry and I yelling at each other over something really stupid but it’ll be alright. I’ve forgotten what we were even arguing about. Well I went to my MK meeting last night and had a great time. I have invited several people to a Advance Glamour Clinic that we are having on Saturday and I hope that someone will be able to come. I really want to get my business rolling but it’s been hard and I will be the first to admit it.

I want to invite all ladies to the Advance Glamour Clinic on Saturday at 10-12 and if you are interested please contact me.

Anyways on the other hand I am glad that we have gotten to go to the beach this year. Money has been tight and it always seems like if we get ahead of ourselves we always have a new bill to come up. I really hate sometimes that Terry is a police Officer but it’s what he loves to do and I would never ask him to change jobs or to quit just for the whole money wise. I am glad to know that we are sometimes not the only two people who have a problem with money. I sometimes do wish that people would take me more serious than they do. I feel like what I am trying to do for myself and my friends is not good enough. I really do wish that they would support me and not push any negative thoughts in my head. That’s where I have been thinking the negative thoughts in stopping MK but I have overcome that obstacle and i am going to work my business.

I am also having a online party within the next week and would like to invite all that would like to see all the great products that I have to offer you. Plus if you purchase $40 or more I will give you a special gift. Well let me get back to work. I’ll talk to ya’ll later on.

Oh yeah-Here’s a cute photo of my Little Mary Kay Girl. She is so glamourous. 🙂

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