Good Afternoon to everyone!!! It’s been so far a quite eventful day for us. First of all I was up all night with Livy who didn’t feel well at all last night. She was running a fever of 103.3 and had started with a rash on her belly and it would spread eventually. She seems to not have the fever today but still has the itchy rash all over. We are going to the doctors today to see whats the matter with her. We don’t have insurance still on her and we are continuning looking for a good one but have yet to find it. I am going to look tonight though. Also I was up until around 4:30 this morning with her and so didn’t go into work at all. I have only had a couple hours of sleep though and this morning if I would have drove to work that would not have been very good. I was so sleepy!!!

Well we went to the doctors and Olivia has a viral infection. She should be good as new in the next couple of days. Then when we finished up with dinner at Texas Steakhouse in Rocky Mount, I overcalculated the steps and of how deep they were and well landed on my ankle wrong. Now it’s very swollen and hurts like the dickens and I’m going to ask mom to use one of her braces she has for ankles. We’ll see if that helps out.

Ok so I’m going to go for now…the Hurricane’s game is getting ready to come on and it’s just about Livy’s bedtime. Gotta give her some medicine to help her breath tonight and sleep and then it’s off to bed for me as well. Have to put more ice on my ankle and just prop it up.

I found these couple of pictures from the beach and thought I would share them with you all. Hope you all enjoy!!!

Here is a picture of Porky Lynn & Livy in the Ocean. (She’s pretending she’s body surfing!!)
Thought it was time for a new picture of just me. I think this one is really good and look how good my makeup looks too!!! (Thank You Mary Kay!!!!) *(If anyone would like a Free Facial please let me know and I would be more than happy to give you one. Also if you want to schedule a skin care class or a pedicure party with some of your friends please let me know so that I may help you out, it’s really awesome to share the fun times with friends and family!!)

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